Boldly Going Where No Bean Has Gone Before

There comes a time in all our lives where bold steps must be taken to advance ourselves to a new level. This week we took such steps.


While doing some early Spring cleaning we came across a collection of green coffee samples. For a better understanding: when coffee roasters are choosing new coffees, they have small amounts sent to them, usually a half pound or less of the coffee or coffees they may be interested in. Sometimes all of those samples are roasted and tasted. Sometimes importers send several samples (even if you don’t ask for them) that don’t get roasted because it’s simply not a coffee we’re interested in buying.


We found our collection of green coffee samples we’ve collected over the past nearly four years (can you believe it?) we’ve been open. What do you do with such a collection? Many roasters will carefully store these samples, using them as references, and comparing varietals and screen sizes of past and future crops. Us? We made one big honkin’ blend out of them.

We took 28 coffees from around the globe, Central and South America, Africa, Yemen, Indonesia, regular, decaf … everything, and thew it all together. 11 pounds of this in that into one glorious creation.


The result? Interesting. We’ll go through a few of our cupping flavor profile notes to give you an idea. Fragrance is the descriptor roasters use to describe the smell of dry ground coffee. The Fragrance of this blend is … it’s like you went to a party with a friend of a friend, and you met a friend of your friends friend and had a conversation with them for about 5 minutes. Afterwards you thought, “He seemed nice. I mean, I wouldn’t want to spend more than 5 minutes with him, he’s a little weird, but was nice enough that I would wave to him if he was walking on the other side of the street.” That’s the fragrance.



We get the aroma when we add water. The aroma is the same as above, but you remembering that while putting on your work boots. So now every time you put your boots on, the smell of them triggers that memory.

Now to taste! Have you ever been to the Dollar Store and saw a box of chocolates there and thought, “Wow, a whole box of chocolates for a dollar!” and then bought them? Then had one and realized why they are a dollar. Then leave them on the dashboard in the sun. Then bring them home and putting them in the back of the cupboard because you can’t just throw them away, you just bought them. Then forgetting about them and finding them 3 years later and taking a bite out of one out of morbid curiosity? Like that. Plus grapes.

While in the end this is not a blend we will strive to duplicate for the masses, we feel like it was a success. For science if for nothing else.



Want to give it a try? Next time you place an online order, leave a note in the comment section and we’ll send you a sample! Peace.

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