Overwhelmed by Awesome

It can be difficult as a coffee drinker to know what coffee to choose. You can go to the store. You can buy online, you can go to your local roaster. And then when you find something great you keep buying it. You want to support who you have bought it from and continue that purchasing relationship. But what happens when you want to try another coffee? Another region? Another shop? Do you keep buying what you love and will always love, or do you set it aside for a bit to try new things and give them a chance? Are you worried you will hurt the feelings of who you buy from if you stop buying from them for a while?

Roasters go through this same process. Right now at Cup to Cup we are absolutely thrilled with every coffee we have. Thrilled to pieces and more! We have worked very hard to establish and build our strong relationships and are working hard with our new relationships as well and are looking forward to seeing them grow. At the same time, there are coffees we have carried in the past that we love but don’t carry right now. And there are coffees we see we would like to take part in, to have available, to share with you, that we can’t carry right now because our offerings list is overflowing and the bags of beans are piled high in our tiny little roastery.

This is a wonderful problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. How does a coffee roaster maintain its fantastic relationships and continue to grow them year after year and manage to avoid stagnation as well? Always having the same thing can lead to boredom from the customer (no offense to you, but it’s true).

Seasonality is a thought and still has its merits. Coffee is a seasonal fruit and coffees from different regions grow at different times of the year giving us a chance to provide the freshest crops available for each season. But with the advent of protective packaging like Grainpro bags, this is becoming less of an issue as well preserved green coffee can last and taste super fresh all the way until the next harvest of that coffee arrives. Also, having an all Centeral American coffee lineup with no balance of other regions can take away from the variety of offerings customers want and expect out of a roaster.


What’s the answer? We don’t know. But we do know we love the coffees we have right now the the people we buy them from. And we know we are always looking for new coffees and relationships and continuing to grow interest in our customers to all aspects of coffee. A difficult task, but one we are excited about and happy to have you join us in. Peace.

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