Huge Thanks

I am going to forgo my usual third personn writing style so that I can properly express myself on a personal level. This past week my grandmother passed away at the ripe old age of nearly 102. While that is certainly a good long life deserving of rest, it is still a loss of a phenomenal woman.
I found myself last Saturday struggling to figure out if leaving town for nearly a week was something I could do as a single person business. I roast, ship, deliver, and attend farmers markets all week. Could my business handle me being away? Would I lose clients? The final answer was family comes first, and the task at hand was not if I could, but how to get it done.

This is where the huge thanks come in. The response of volunteers to help me was overwheling. My best friend Kurt who knows nothing about coffee volunteered to drive the five hours to get here and make all deliveries and attend farmers markets for me. My friend Lauren who was in Boston watching her husband run a local marathon you may have heard of volunteered to meet other people halfway for deliveries. Others offered help in many ways I am forver grateful for. Justin, Katie, Stephanie, Bernie, and more went above and beyond to help me out.

As it turns out I had so much help I had to tell many people no! Kurt did not have to drive five hours to run my markets (which was a blessing for both of us). Lauren didn’t have to meet anybody halfway. But that the offers were there humbles me and makes me want to be a better person.

My dear friend David Hislop gets a whole paragraph to himself. David has been helping me at one of my markets and stood in for me in as many as he could, for which I am so thankful. He met me halfway to the markets with a baby in his back seat and loaded up coffee, tables, a grinder, a brewer, and more. He delivered coffee and coffee and a check and took an enormous amount of time out of his schedule to help me out.

I’d also like to thank my shops. All were understanding and placed generous orders they didn’t necessarily need at the time so I could get them roasted and delivered before I left.

Again to all, thanks so, much. I am blessed to have such friends and am afirmed that Cup to Cup is a name people care about and want to see continue.

James Spano
Cup to Cup

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