Coffee Interview: Malacara B

We had such a successful interview with our friend Ethiopia Kochere that we thought we’d do another with the dazzling newcomer Malacara B. Malacara B has made it’s way here from it’s home in El Salvador and we are as thrilled as can be to have it here. Malacara, Thanks for coming.

Malacara B: Thank you! It’s so nice to be here. I’m already having a blast. Savannah is a beautiful city and I’m looking forward to coming back again and again.

Cup to Cup: We hope you do! Now the readers want to know all about you. Give us a little information on you background.

Malacara B: I was born on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano in the Apaneca, Santa Ana region of El Salvador.

I have lots of family with a variety of personalities.

Our family is separated into 12 Tablons, or lots. My immediate family comes from Tablon 5. We are a red bourbon varietal that you just can’t help but love!

Cup to Cup: That’s some great information! Is there anything else you want to share?

Malacara B: Oh yes. Can I tell you about my papa? His name is Roberto Dumont and he takes care of me and my family.

He has been helping coffees like me all his life. In fact, he is the third generation of coffee farmers in his family. He’s very careful about using sustainable practices that keep my family healthy and toxin free!

Cup to Cup: Wonderful. And how do you taste?

Malacara B: Pretty amazing. I’m a very sweet coffee. Can’t you tell from our conversation? I have hints of butterscotch and caramel with bits of tangerine and green apple acidity. You’re going to need more than one cup.

Cup to Cup: So you would say one cup leads to another?

Malacara B: Haha, you bet!

Cup to Cup: Sounds like a perfect fit for us! Malacara B, thanks so much for coming and being a part of our family here in the U.S.

Malacara B: You bet! I love it here. So much so that I plan on coming back again this year if you’ll have me.

Cup to Cup: We will!

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