Graba Cuppa Cup to Cup

We have been generally lax in sharing with you, our dedicated readers, when we have new places for you to find our coffee. In an attempt to remedy that, this post will highlight a few of our newest friends sharing coffee love here in Savannah.

Salt Table 

On 51 Barnard Street, right in between Broughton Street and beautiful Ellis Square, you’ll find a neat little store called the Salt Table.

The Salt Table sells gourmet salts, sugars, teas, oils, vinegars, honey, spices, dips, pottery, and of course, locally roasted coffee. Owners Dave and Carol are wonderful people and have gotten a great response to their business in their first few months of being open.

Soho South Cafe


This is one most Savannians (Savannahites?) will recognize. Located on Liberty Street (right next to our friends at the Wooden Sheep), Soho South Cafe has been around for a while now and has a reputation for some great food. They’ve got a fantastic atmosphere and a nice little art gallery in the front.

Moon River Brewing Company

Savannah’s best brewery, right on Bay Street. Moon River Brewing serves up quality craft beer and delicious food.

We were thrilled when we got together and decided to do individual French Presses for them. Head on over and grab a brew and a brew!

Cafe Florie

If you’ve been to many of the local farmer’s markets in the area, you’ve met cousins Theo and Toya of Gateaux de la Toya. From their cakes and pies at the Forsyth Farmer’s market to Johhnie Fries at the Hilton Head and Bluffton markets, Theo and Toya have been filling bellies with some fantastic food. Now they’re opening their own cafe, Cafe Florie at 1715 Barnard Street. Soft opening starts today! They’ll be serving breakfast and lunch and Sunday brunch through the Winter, and supper soon after. Go by and check them out!

That’s a good start and introduction of our newest coffee friends. Hopefully we’ll put up some posts featuring our friends that have been with us for a while already. And there are new friends coming soon! Stay tuned and stay caffeinated. Peace.


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