What I Love About Coffee

I love my clients. All of them. I love the shops that buy large amounts of coffee from me and I love the individuals who come to the roastery and spend half an hour talking to me and buy one bag. As much as I love coffee, I love the people that coffee introduces me to.

I love my clients that bring me books to read and that I lend books to because we know each other well enough to share with each other in that way. I love my clients that tell me to bring whatever coffee I want because they trust me to bring them something they will love. I love my clients that make demands from me and push me to give them exactly what they want.

I love farmer’s markets. I love them because it gives me a chance to meet even more people and share with them. I go to the Hilton Head Farmer’s Market, the Habersham Farmer’s Market, and and very excited to announce this Thursday I’ll be attending the Bluffton Farmer’s Market for the first time.

I love the people I buy coffee from. I love that I can call them up and ask questions, make requests, and get exactly what I’m looking for. I love the relationships they build with farms and that they include me in them. I love that they bend over backwards for a client as small as me and it inspires me to behave in the same way towards my clients.

I love the people that come to my events. I love the ones that walk two minutes down the street to come, and I love the ones that travel five hours and bring their friends. I love that they come for great coffee, and I love that they come to support me. How thrilling and humbling it is.

I love the Cup to Cup philosophy.

What is Cup to Cup? Cup to Cup is you and me, or you and your friend sitting down and sharing a cup of coffee and in turn, life, with one another.

Coffee is relational. There’s something about sitting down and enjoying a good cup of coffee with someone that breaks down barriers and opens the door to friendship. This is important to us. It also reflects our goal to provide you with a great coffee that is consistent, cup to cup.

I don’t love it because I wrote it. I love it because it’s my heart’s desire for my business, and I love it because my clients have made it true. I love you.

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One Response to What I Love About Coffee

  1. jasondominy says:

    Very good thoughts man!

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