Roasters Table: Coffee and Cookies!

We are very pleased to have Tara Noberini of Crumbs Gourmet Comfort Cookies coming as our guest for this Roaster’s Table. Tara is a graduate of the Culinary institute of America and has a business creating fantastic cookies and breads.

We’ll be doing a coffee and cookie pairing. We’ll take three of our coffees at Cup to Cup and pair them with cookies Tara has made to compliment flavors. Each cookies goes specifically with each coffee!

This is the first of what we hope to be several coffee and food pairings. We believe coffee is culinary and want to expand peoples minds on how they think about coffee. See you there! Peace.

This is a FREE event. We’ll be at Caraway Cafe, downtown on Broughton Street. The fun starts this Saturday the 20th at 4 P.M.  Check out our Facebook Page for more info. All are welcome. Of course you’ll be able to purchase the cookies and coffees you taste so you can keep the cookie coffee love going even when you get home. See you there!

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