Consider a Sip

Consider sipping your coffee.

Not a gulp, guzzle or glug,

But a single solitary sip,

Consider waiting just a moment;

That moment when you most want a sip

But you skip the sip and slurp instead

And burn your lip.

In that moment of waiting,

That moment before the sip

Preventing the burning lip from

Causing you to grip your cup

And tip it’s liquid love

On the floor, the table, your pants.

In that moment consider

The romance of a sip.

That sip that sings a song

So sweet you’ll sway along

To a tune of taste.

Imbibe the graceful notes

Of flavor and savor

A moment, just one.

But if you carry on

And add a sip or two or three

You’ll find that single melody

Develops to a symphony

Of taste, of time,

Of tempo sweet and smooth

And wild and free

A harmony of gustatory

Genuine veracity.

Consider a sip.


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2 Responses to Consider a Sip

  1. savannahgirl says:

    Hesitation, go there?
    Perhaps start a habit,
    I cannot quit.
    Temptation too great,
    I considered s sip.

    Poured just a little,
    Stared for a while,
    Swirled it around in the cup,
    Aroma inviting, beckoning.
    I considered a sip.

    Recommended by many,
    This rich smelling brew.
    Brought the cup to my lips,
    What am I about to do?
    I considered a sip.

    The moment upon me,
    Do or die, here we go…
    Warm earthy liquid embraced my lips.
    Not sweet, not sour, but a lasting imprint.

    I considered a sip,
    And finally gave in,
    Considered another and
    Another soon came,
    Then one, two, three…finished the sample.

    Now I considered a cup, and another soon after….

    reply to Consider A Sip…

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