Consider: Coffee and Food

This is something that has interested me in the past but for various reasons went dormant until a local coffeeite roused it from hibernation.

(This is where you imagine an image of a hibernating bear waking up, in a good way)

Upon rousing, I remembered a previous post I made and the impression a new blend I was working on gave me when combined with an omelette. I was (and still am) a fairly new roaster at the time and had it in my head that coffee should be enjoyed by itself. No milk, no sugar, no syrup or flavors. To an extent I still feel that way, but feel there is a difference between coffee “combined” with something as opposed to being “paired” with something. You don’t drink coffee with sugar to enhance the flavor of your sugar, at least I don’t. But a coffee with big chocolate notes paired with a tasty cinnamon dessert produces complimenting foods.

But there’s so much more than desserts to work with. Coffee and fruit? Yes. Coffee and cheese? Oh yes. Coffee and  . . . honey? breads? meat? Yes yes yes.

These thoughts are in my head as I plan our next Roaster’s Tables. Stay tuned. Peace.

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