Consider the Source

This is kind of our official start to our “Consider” series. We technically started it with Consider Coming Downtown on the 30th. To be honest, this is still kind of part of that, but it’s more of an explanation to why you should come to our next Roaster’s Table.

Where does coffee come from? Well obviously it comes from all over. Central and South America, Africa, and the Pacific islands are the main coffee growing regions. Sure, there are other places you might get your coffee (Australia and India for example) but odds are your every day cup comes from a country in one of the main regions. But Where? When? Who? What? Ok maybe not what, but the other ones for sure.

For example, Brazil is the largest producer (and soon to be largest consumer, but that’s another story) of coffee in the world. If we take this article at it’s word, Brazil produced nearly 5 billion (yes, billion) pounds of coffee in 2007. Where in Brazil did the pound you buy come from?

Here at Cup to Cup we feel it is important to know where your coffee comes from. We are very fortunate to have a relationship with importer Ricardo Pereira of BRASC Coffee Importers.

Ricardo is a native Brazilian who lives here in the U.S. and brings in some great Brazilian coffees from people like this,

and this,

In fact, as we write this post, he’s in Brazil right now visiting these farms and others, continuing relationships and getting ready to bring their coffees here.

We love that Ricardo has these relationships and that’s why we buy coffee from him. We’re excited to share information about the farms we purchase our coffee from through Ricardo.

We’re also very excited that Ricardo is coming to Savannah to share about coffee from Brazil. We’ll be holding an event (remember the last consider post?) Next Thursday the 30th. Ricardo will share about coffee in general and Brazilian coffees specific. We’re thrilled he’s coming and would love for you to join us. We’ll be at Caraway Cafe (on the corner of Abercorn and Broughton) from 4-7 pm. Ricardo’s presentation starts at 5, but we’ll be there earlier to hang out and talk coffee. We’ve got friends from 3 different states coming to this event, and will be brewing some of this great coffee for you to taste as well. No registration necessary, but you’re welcome to let us know you’re coming through our Facebook page.

Please consider coming next Thursday. It’ll be a blast. Peace.

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