Consider Coming Downtown on the 30th

So we probably didn’t mean for our first “Consider” post to be about an upcoming event, but please consider coming.

This month’s Roaster’s Table is going to be downtown. We’ll be meeting at Caraway Cafe on the corner of Broughton and Abercorn. The topic? Brazil.

We are thrilled to have our friend and coffee supplier Ricardo Pereira of BRASC Coffee Importers coming to speak with us. Ricardo is a native Brazilian bringing in fantastic coffees from his home country. He’ll share with us about the farm side of coffee, how it’s grown and processed and makes its way here. He’ll also share about coffee in how it is unique to Brazil and anything else he can think of or we can ask him. And we’ll be tasting some wonderful coffees from Brazil, all different, all delicious!

The presentation starts at 5 PM, but we’ll be there at 4 brewing coffee and hanging out. We’d love for you to come to any or all of this.

There is no seating restriction, plenty of room for all. So bring a friend and come for some great coffee!

A huge thanks to Caraway Cafe for hosting us. They will also be offering some goodies for discount prices. See you there!

The date is June 30th. More info here.

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