Consider . . .

Recently (as in minutes ago) inspired to share more with you in an easy down-to-earth way, Cup to Cup is launching a new series on our blog. It’s title? Consider.

   What we hope this will be is to ease the novice coffee enthusiast into a deeper knowledge of the world of coffee; in thought, word, and deed.  We not only want you to be able to make better coffee for yourself, but have a better understanding of the world of coffee, and be able to communicate good coffee in your conversations.

How will we do this? By asking you to consider. Maybe it will be to consider a way to improve your home coffee experience (as in, consider buying a grinder). Maybe it will be to consider coffee outside of your normal way of thinking (as in, consider coffee as a country’s driving economic force). There’s lots to learn. And to be honest, part of our reason for doing this is to learn new things for ourselves, then share them with you.

We’re excited about the possibilities of this. Some posts will be short, some will be longer, and we can’t guarantee regularity, but it’s definitely something we’ll not toss to the side anytime soon. So “consider” (haha) joining us in this. We’re looking forward to it! Peace.

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