State of the Cup

I can hardly believe that my little business has been open for two whole years now. It’s been filled with a wide range of emotions both pleasant and unpleasant, but more of the pleasant ones. I truly love my job and doing what I do. This is a little blog to talk about how things are here at Cup to Cup, what’s new, and what’s happening soon.

First, a new logo!

This came from over a years worth of working towards getting the labels just right and figuring out how to best present Cup to Cup. Huge huge thanks to the wonderful people of Focus Lab for helping me make this happen.

With a new label comes a new bag. After much careful consideration I have made the decision to move from offering both full pound and half pound bags to offering a single option of a 12oz bag. This decision was not made lightly. Something inside me balked at the thought of a 12oz bag, as if somehow I were cheating you into thinking it was a full pound. But based on purchasing frequency of regular customers, I’ve found that a whole pound (for most) lasts more than a week, which is about as long as you should have your coffee, while a half pound lasts less and if the customer doesn’t see me but once a week they then (cough) resort to other means. So based on my market of my customers (you other coffee professionals may have different buying patterns) a 12 oz bag seems to fit.

Another difficult choice was getting a new bag itself. I have been using for the last two years PLA lined bags, which are compostable. What we’ve found since using them is 1: Nobody was composting them, but throwing them into the trash where they will not break down 2. they are very poor at keeping coffee fresh within the bag. So we are moving to a thicker sturdier non compostable bag. BUT, in making this move, we are going to be working with Wooden Sheep our local sustainable gurus to finding a way to turn these used bags into something practical, artistic, or both. This will then include a recycling program we’ll implement (with incentives of course) for out customers to return used bags back to us. More on that in the future.

In December we implemented our Roaster’s Table event, which is a monthly tasting for those interested in learning more about coffee. It has done very well and we are looking forward to many more in the future. The next one is on the 14 of this month.

I am supremely excited about the coffees we are offering right now. I have no hesitation to stand firmly behind the quality of each and every coffee we offer and am excited about coffees coming in the future.

Finally, a huge thanks to our customers, both retail and wholesale. Whether you buy a half a pound (no longer!) every 6 weeks, or 50 pounds a week, I am ever grateful for your support and encouragement. Without you, we wouldn’t still be open. Thanks so much. Peace.

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