Roaster’s Table Esprectrospect

That is, Roaster’s Table Espresso in Retrospect. We had our fifth Roaster’s Table last Saturday and it was one of the best yet. Our topic was espresso

This is Anita, our hard working little espresso machine. She and Rocky (the grinder) worked their little hearts out making some great espresso for our group.

The tasting consisted of us deconstructing our espresso. We took the three elements of our espresso blend and tried each as a single origin shot. We talked about flavor components and our reasoning for using each particular bean as it contributed to the whole.

For those interested, at this time we use a blend of three coffees: Out Brazil Sao Francisco Peaberry, Brazil Bob-O-Link, and Colombia Don Rigo Estate. Each bean has its own special role in out blend.

It was great to see the group tasting and noticing the differences in the each single origin shot, then at the end being able to recognize the effects of each bean in the blend.

Overall another great success! Next month we’re going to be learning about iced coffee. Different brew methods, brewing it at home, and of course lots of tasting. Stay tuned for dates on the event. Peace.

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