March Roaster’s Table

Last night we held our fourth Roaster’s Table event. The theme of this month was new coffees! We had a great turnout and are very grateful to everyone who could make it out.

The first coffee we tried out was our new Don Rigo Estate coffee.

This is our newest coffee from Colombia. We haven’t had a Colombian in a while and were very excited to bring this on board. Tasters noted things like fruit, cherry, brightness. We tried it both as a machine drip and as a chemex. There was a noticeable difference between the two and we talked about how brewing methods affect the flavor profile of a coffee. Note: We introduced this coffee to our tasters as Rigoberto Estate , but since our tasting I found out the the farm owner’s name is Rigoberto Franco and the coffee estate is  named Don Rigo. We just wanted to clear that up to our readers who may have already had some of this great coffee.

Our next coffee highlighted is our new Bob-o-Link coffee from Brazil.

This is another coffee we are extremely excited about. Tasting notes included blueberries, raisins, smooth. Tasters noticed another huge difference in brewing methods, as well as aromas of the ground coffee dry.

Overall this was an excellent tasting once again. And the largest group yet! We’re glad people are enjoying this event and will continue to have them!

For a little more info on our coffees, go to the offerings page on our website and check them out! We’ll also be doing in-depth reviews of each coffee in the coming weeks. Peace.

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