Credit Where Due

It can be difficult as a small roaster to get yourself directly linked with the farms you buy from. As much as I would love to fly to each country I buy coffee from and strike a bargain with the farmer and arrange for shipping back to my roastery, it’s simply not a possibility for our size and budget at this point in time.

There are, however, times when the little guys can find a connection to the farms they buy from. I’ve had the pleasure of getting a note from Mausi of the Selva Negra Estate after writing a blog review on their coffee. Since then we’ve exchanged emails and I hope one day to travel down for a visit.

Another connection made was with our Brazil Alta Mogiana Peaberry. Not long ago I was pleased to be able to sit down and share a meal with Nilton M de Almeida Jr. whose family owns the Sao Francisco Coffee farm. Nilton is a lawyer who spends as much time on the farm as he can when he’s not in the office. His father, Nilton Sr. is a retired judge who now runs the farm.

Nilton Jr. at the farm

I had a wonderful conversation with Nilton. We talked about varietals, processing methods, conservation, and much more. In the future I hope to post some pictures of the farm and share more with you.

Back to the title of this blog. The coffee from Nilton I purchase has been labeled as Brazil Alta Mogiana Peaberry. But I wanted to give due credit to the farm and it’s wonderful coffee and not just relegate it to a region. So starting now, I have relabeled the coffee as Brazil Sao Francisco Peaberry, to let you know the name of the farm, and which coffee from the farm is used. As we grow and develop relationships, I hope to continue this trend with as many coffees as I can in the future. Peace.

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2 Responses to Credit Where Due

  1. Jason Dominy says:

    Very cool. Thanks for making those connections known.

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