Roaster’s Table: Brew Methods

Apologies for the delay in getting this blog to you. Our exuberance over our second place win at the OLY versus ATL Brew Battle got in the way, and slightly out of hand. We’ve put that aside and are focused again.

On January 15, merely one day before our amazing second place victory at the OLY versus ATL Brew Battle, Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters held a very small tasting event at our roastery. The topic was brewing methods. Participants had the chance to taste a single coffee brewed in a number of different ways and experience the differences each method makes in the cup.

The coffee we used was our Nicaragua Selva Negra Estate Coffee, which you may remember from the Coffee Spotlight we did on it a while back.

We started tasting the coffee from a regular automatic drip coffee pot you might find at home. This was kind of a control sample, to get an idea of how the average person who bought this coffee would experience it at home.

Next we went to the other end of the spectrum and tried it as a French Press.

We talked about full immersion brewing and what differences it brings to the cup and the added things to consider when brewing. With a basic automatic home machine, you consider the amount of coffee and the amount of water. With a full immersion brew, time is added into the equation, as the brewer decides how long the coffee should be immersed.

After the French Press we tried the Clever Coffee Dripper.

The Clever gives us a full immersion brew with the added benefit of using a paper filter, which keeps out much of the sediment often found in a French Press. We also talked about another element to consider: Turbulence. To stir or not to stir? We discussed extraction rates and how you can get to the same percentage of extraction in different ways.

Then it was time to delve into the realm of pour over brewing devices. We sampled our coffee using a Chemex,

Hario V60,

and Hario woodneck cloth filter brewer. Which was the brewing method we used for our second place victory at the OLY versus ATL Brew Battle.

We discussed the added factor of flow rate, and how it affects the brew.

The verdict? We had three overall favorite brewing methods: Chemex, V60, and Hario Woodneck. While our group was small we had a great time and yet again stayed and talked for another hour after the tasting was finished. NEXT MONTH, we will be doing a cupping. Spots are filling fast, so if you want in, shoot us a note! Peace.

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