Our First Roaster’s Table

The very first Roaster’s Table event at Cup to Cup was a fantastic success! We’d like to share some of the event with you.

The idea of a Roaster’s Table is a play on a Chef’s table. Cup to Cup’s head Roaster James Spano hosted a small group of people and shared with them an in depth presentation on several coffees. Roaster’s Table is/will be somewhat thematic, with this events them being an introduction to two new coffees offered by Cup to Cup as well as to share two rare guest coffees the average person might not have an opportunity to try.

The first coffee shared was Cup to Cup’s new Guatemala Acatenango. Grounds of the coffee were passed around for guests to smell while James talked about the country of Guatemala and the coffees there. This specific Guatemalan resembles coffees from Antigua, with bright acidity and fruity notes to it.

Next the coffee was brewed by a Chemex coffee maker and shared with the group. This same process was done with Cup to Cup’s other new coffee, Congo Kivu. We’ve never offered a Congo coffee before and are excited about it. It’s got a rustic flavor to it, more similar to a Sumatran coffee than African.

After that the guest coffees were presented. The first was a Cup of Excellence coffee from Honduras, Roasted by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee. This was a fantastic coffee with huge citrus notes, lots of lime.

Finally guests were offered a guest espresso. The espresso was Aida’s Grand Reserve Espresso, roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. This is a very special roast done only one day this year. It was served as both a straight espresso, and as a macchiato.

When all was served and done, James served the Honduras Cup of Excellence again. This time, with a Hario Woodneck brewer. This brought out the lime flavors even more. A very bright coffee!

Everyone had a great time, as evidenced by everyone hanging around and talking for another hour after the presentation was ended. We are very pleased at how this turned out and are planning to make this a regular event. Seats are limited, and the only seats available to the public are found on our Facebook page when the event is announce. We look forward to seeing you next time!

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