New Coffees!

We at Cup to Cup just got in a shipment of three coffees. a Brazil Natural Bourbon, a Sumatra Mandheling Triple Pick, and this years crop of our Guatemala San Pedro.

You already know about about our Guatemala, so let us tell you about our two new ones.

Brazil Natural Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Cachoeira

This is a naturally processed Yellow Bourbon varietal (as is pretty much all mentioned in the name of the coffee. But what does it mean? You can read from our earlier post about what you can find in the name of a coffee.

A Naturally processed coffee is dried as a whole fruit (as opposed to the skin and mucilage being washed off before drying). This can impart some fruity characteristics in the cup.

Yellow Bourbon Refers to the specific varietal of coffee. Most coffee cherries you see are red.

This one’s yellow. Tada.

This coffee is produced by the Carvalho Dias and Ottoni familes, who have repeatedly won the Cup of Excellence status in Brazil. For over 100 years and four generations these familes have treated the land, the people, and the bean right, and it certainly shows in the cup!

It’s got a bright clean taste with a full round body to it. We think it tastes like dewdrops and sunshine.

This is a truly fantastic coffee, and the pride and joy of our good friends and importers Cafe Imports. Click here to read a detailed description of this coffee and the farm where it comes from.

Tune in next time and we’ll fill you in on our Sumatra! Peace.

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