Remember that news I was mentioned earlier? Well I’m ready to let you in on it.


We are pleased, nay MORE than pleased to announce that Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters will be partnering with the Mansion on Forsyth Park to present a Coffee oriented class in their 700 Kitchen Cooking School. Chef Darin Sehnert, the culinary director of the school has graciously allowed Cup to Cup into his kitchen, and he will be adding a cooking portion to the class.

We had a test run last week to work out the kinks and see what should be added and taken away, and we are very excited about getting this started.

The class will consist of learning how to make some delicious desserts to go with you coffee at home, then we will be diving into the world of coffee, learning about coffee producing countries, processing methods, and what makes your morning cup o’ joe taste like it does. We will also take you through a “cupping” and talk about making your home coffee experience the best it can be.

Classes won’t start until the end of the month or the beginning of next month, but we wanted to go ahead and fill you in on the exciting news! Peace.

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