Mocha Java

So we’re starting to venture outside single origins here at Cup to Cup and are delving into the world of blends. Of course, we already have a tasty espresso blend, but we wanted to look at blends for drip coffee.

My first foray into the blending world has been a Mocha Java blend. Oddly enough, it has neither Mocha nor Java coffee in it . . .


Now technically, a Mocha java blend is made two coffees.

The first is from Yemen. The word “Mocha” comes from the name of the port Al-Makha where most Yemen’s were shipped.

The second is from Java, which is an island in Indonesia.

Now, we don’t have a Mocha or a Java coffee at Cup to Cup, so how can we say we are working on a Mocha Java blend?

While the term Mocha Java at one time specifically meant a blend of Mocha and Java it has grown and transformed into somewhat of a broader definition. Many roasters use substitutes that create the same basic effect of a Mocha Java Blend (the fruity spicy notes of the Yemen complementing the deep, rich notes of the Java). Yemen’s are most often replaced by Ethiopian coffees, usually a Harrar, and Java’s are substituted by Sumatra coffees. Though to be fair, up until the early 1900’s “Java” included several Indonesian islands including Sumatra.

So our attempts involve our Ethiopian Sidamo (I know, not a Harrar) and our Sumatra Mandheling. Since our Ethiopian is a Sidamo and not a Harrar, I think it gives the blend a little more fruitiness than the original blend intended to have. I think.

The first time I tried this blend I had it with a delicious omelet made by my neighbors at Southern Comfort Catering. Now I don’t know why, but the blend in combination with the omelet was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe the party that was going on in my mouth. It was rich and sweet and nutty and goooood! I tried it later minus the omelet (which had been devoured earlier in the day) and it still tasted good, but it was different without the omelet.

SO, having made our first foray into the blending world with a somewhat skeewanky  version of a Mocha Java, the conclusion is this: If you’re an omelet person, this coffee is the one for you. If not, well, it’s good, but it didn’t really blow me away. We’ll keep working on blends and update you as things progress. Peace.

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2 Responses to Mocha Java

  1. Michael says:

    Your such a smart young man, with all your coffee facts and jargon. Your mother must be proud 🙂

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